When Canada and the United States began discussions on creating a new bridge that would start in the Delray neighborhood in Southwest Detroit, the residents in the area began to organize to advocate for benefits. After more than a decade of uncertainty and government transition in Detroit and Canada, the City of Detroit took the community’s requests to Canada and the State of Michigan and the result was a $45 million deal to benefit Detroit. To learn more about the new bridge project, please visit the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority.

A significant part of this deal is giving residents in Delray, who have not been bought out by eminent domain, the option to relocate to another part of Detroit. The deal also provides for renovation upgrades to some resident homes due to their proximity to the I-75 expansion, health monitoring, as well as job training and placement. The Bridging Neighborhoods Program (BNP) was created to implement the I-75 Environmental Mitigation Program and Home Swap relocation portion of the deal. 


Bridging Neighborhoods has two core programs to assist eligible residents:

  • The Home Swap Program supports residents in finding a new Detroit home in exchange for their current Delray home.
  • The I-75 Environmental Mitigation Program upgrades homes to improve the health and comfort of residents who may be affected by increased truck traffic once the bridge is completed. 

Delray residents eligible for core programs can meet with Bridging Neighborhoods staff at the program office in Southwest Detroit.


In order to be eligible for the Bridging Neighborhoods Home Swap or I-75 Environmental Mitigation Program, residents must meet the following criteria:


Home Swap Program

  • Must live in either the LIGHT BLUE or YELLOW zone on the map below AND
  • Must be an owner and occupant before June 23, 2017


I-75 Environmental Mitigation Program

  • Must live in either the YELLOW or GREEN zone on the map below AND
  • Must be a landlord or owner-occupant before June 23, 2017 AND
  • Must own or operate a property that is within 300 feet of the planned I-75 Service Drive AND
  • Must not have been acquired by the Michigan Department of Transportation to facilitate construction of the bridge


program area
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