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The Bridging Neighborhoods Home Swap program offers homeowners who are directly affected by the Gordie Howe International Bridge the opportunity to move to renovated homes in neighborhoods throughout the City. 

Individuals eligible for the Home Swap program are owner-occupants of homes residing in Delray or within 150 feet of the expanded I-75 service drive. The eligible geographic area is designated by the blue and yellow zones of the Bridging Neighborhoods Program map. 

How to apply: To check eligibility and enroll in the program,  click here to verify eligibility and complete an application.


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Home Swap Overview

What Is My Delray Score?

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Program Participants can contact their Bridging Neighborhoods Program Housing Consultant with questions:
Evan Markarian (313) 628-2232 or Raquelle Seda (313) 628-2235.

For general information about the program, please call (313) 628-2231.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Home Swap Program?
A homeowner is eligible for the Home Swap Program if  he or she meets the following requirements

  • The home is located in the light blue or yellow zone on the map located here.
  • The homeowner occupied the home before June 23, 2017.

Which acceptable documents do I need to provide?
Participants of the Home Swap program must submit documentation with their application. The purpose of these documents is to determine eligibility and to help calculate your Delray score. These documents will help establish homeownership, your occupancy, a medical condition for anyone in the household, and presence of any children under the age of 5. Documents must be valid and current. Other documents may also be accepted.

See full list of documents


Can I visit the home before I choose it?

Residents can choose a home before they choose it through an Open House or a private viewing with a Bridging Neighborhoods staff member. 


Once I choose a new home, how long will it take before I can move in?
Once you choose a home, construction can take up to 6-9 months depending on the Bridging Neighborhoods schedule


If I'm eligible for this program, do I have to participate?

All programs are optional. It's your choice to participate.


Will the City buy my home? 

No, this is a swap program. You will swap deeds for a new home. No money will be paid.


Who will pay for the Home Swap renovations and moving costs? 

The City of Detroit will pay for the renovations with funds received from an agreement with the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority and the State of Michigan.


Is there a fee to participate in either program?
No, there is no fee to participate in the Home Swap program. will not cost participants money.


Can I sell my new home? 
Home Swap participants are required to keep their home for 3 years after the swap has taken place. 


Can you find me a home in a specific neighborhood?
Bridging Neighborhoods will do our best to accommodate specific neighborhood requests. Our Field Team will look in Detroit neighborhoods that have an inventory of vacant properties owned by the Detroit Land Bank Authority.


Where will I move?

We will provide neighborhood choices across the city. If there is a specific neighborhood you would like to move to, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you. 


What if I'm eligible for both Home Swap and the I-75 Environmental Mitigation Programs? 
You have the opportunity to participate in the program of your choice but only one program. 


What is the extent of renovations for the Home Swap Program?
While all properties will require different renovations typical renovated home will receive new windows, siding (if applicable), and mechanical systems (plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning ready systems). Renovations will focus on energy efficiency. All participants can expect their new homes to receive quality renovations that comply with local and federal laws.


Can I bring fixtures and other items from my current home into my new home?
Yes, residents are allowed to keep any fixtures and appliances from their current home. The transportation and installation of these fixtures and appliances will be at the expense of the homeowner after the homeowner has taken possession of his or her new home.


If I own a duplex, will my new home also be a duplex?
Bridging Neighborhoods seeks to identify homes that fit within our budget. These homes are typically single-family homes. Participants will have the opportunity to make the final selection of their new home. 


How do I select a home?
Available homes listed on this website can be selected by submitting a signed swap agreement for the home to the Bridging Neighborhoods office. Program participants will receive a swap agreement at orientation. Swap agreements are available at the Bridging Neighborhoods office and by downloading here. A swap agreement can be submitted at any time. Only one swap agreement can be submitted at any time.


What does a participant need to be eligible to be matched with a home?
A participant must have no delinquent taxes with the Wayne County Treasurer's Office; must have complete ownership of the property; and must either have a water bill that is paid to date or must be in a WRAP or DWSD payment plan. 


When are new homes added to the listings?
New homes are added on the 1st of the month. There is a 10-day new home hold before swap agreement will be considered for new homes.


What happens if more than one person chooses the same new home in a 10-day hold period?
If more than one person submits a swap agreement for a new home during the 10-day new home hold, then the eligible pariticipant with the highest Delray Score will be matched with the home. If multiple people have the highest Delray Score, then the earliest application completion date will be sued as the tie-breaker. 


What happens if more than one person chooses the same home that isn't in a 10-day hold period?
If more than one person submits a swap agreement on the same day for the same home that is available for immediate selection, then the eligible participant with the highest Delray Score will be matched with the home. If multiple people have the highest Delray Score, then the earliest application date will be used as the tie-breaker.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Bridging Neighborhoods Program I-75 Environmental Mitigation Program can be found here.

More questions?
If your questions are not answered here you can contact the Bridging Neighborhoods team at (313) 628-2231 or via email at [email protected]. To learn more about the new bridge project please visit Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority.