Update: The Bridging Neighborhoods Office has moved to 1017 Springwells St., Detroit. 

Home Swap Program

Southwest Home

Program Updates

Community outreach to eligible residents was conducted in October and November 2018 through direct mailing, community meetings, and door-to-door outreach.

Applications for the 2018 Home Swap Program were accepted November 8 through December 15, 2017.

A Welcome Meeting for Program Participants was held January 27, 2018.
Program Participants are able to view and select homes during Match Periods held in 2018.

The first Match Period was from March 1 – March 29, 2018; Swap Agreements were signed in April 2018.

2nd Match Period May 10, 2018 - May 24, 2018

Open House and Meet and Greets - May 12th and May 19th (English)

Open House and Meet and Greets - May 12th and May 19th (Spanish)

Match Period 2 Kick-Off Meeting Flier (Invitation Only)

Program Participants may log in to view properties here.


Eligibility: To sign a Swap Agreement, Program Participants must have all past due property taxes paid and have no liens on the property. All individuals with an ownership interest in the home to be swapped must sign the Swap Agreement. Owners are requested to sign the Multiple Owners Consent Form by the start of the Match Period.

Program Participants can contact their Bridging Neighborhoods Program Housing Consultant with questions:
Evan Markarian (313) 628-2232 or Raquelle Seda (313) 628-2235.


Program Materials