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The Bridging Neighborhoods Home Swap program offers homeowners who are directly affected by the Gordie Howe International Bridge the opportunity to move to renovated homes in neighborhoods throughout the City. 

Individuals eligible for the Home Swap program are owner-occupants of homes residing South of Fort Street, between the Rouge River and Clark Street or West of Clark Street, north of Fort Street and south of I-75, or within 150 ft north of the expanded I-75 service drive. Owner-occupied homes in the blue and yellow portions of the map are eligible for the program. 

How to apply: To check eligibility and enroll in the program,  click here to verify eligibility and complete an application.

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Program homes can be viewed here:

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Eligibility: To complete a Swap Agreement, Program Participants must have all past due property taxes with the Wayne County Treasurer's Office paid and have no liens on the property and no delinquent water bills or be in a WRAP or DWSD payment plan.

Program Participants can contact their Bridging Neighborhoods Program Housing Consultant with questions:
Evan Markarian (313) 628-2232 or Raquelle Seda (313) 628-2235.